The Ontario Formwork Association was formed in 1971 to provide a forum to members to discuss subjects of common interest to the formwork sector of the construction industry in Ontario. Since that time the Association has grown to reflect the needs of its membership in a business environment which has been, and continues to be, affected by an expanding economy and enormous changes in technology.


To date the Association is an accredited body, which represents over 50 employer companies and a workforce of approximately 4,500 employee’s in bargaining of a Collective Agreement with the Formwork Council of Ontario. We are members of Council of Ontario Construction Associations (COCA), Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (ISHA), and Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario (RCCAO). Our active participation in these Associations provides our membership with the benefits of industry wide knowledge and experience.

“We have a genuine and deep rooted commitment to quality.”


The Ontario Formwork Association is able to put at your fingertips an enourmous body of proven knowledge and expertise both in management and in the field. Our members are at the leading edge of new technology and management techniques. Few construction associations, anywhere in the world can offer as much experience, both local and international. We have a genuine and deep rooted commitment to quality and take pride in the fact that our construction and management expertise can guarantee that a building is carried out quickly and efficiently at the best possible cost.

Concrete formwork provides considerable advantages over other construction methods including wood/structural steel in terms of durability, flexibility, safety, speed, sound insulation and cost effectiveness to name a few. It has a history for satisfying peoples desire for comfort and security in aesthetically pleasing surroundings. Take these advantages and add those offered by our Association and the solution to future construction needs become clear.

“The future is formwork. The future is with the experts.”


Most of our work is situated in the Province of Ontario, although our members have worked in other Canadian Provinces, United States, Mexico, Caribbean, Western Europe and the Middle Eastern countries. Ontario is Canada’s largest Province and construction is its largest industry with an excess of $25 Billion dollars a year focused on the building industry. Building and construction employs 12% of the Ontario workforce.

Its logical that an industry which is as large and important as Ontario’s construction industry would be at the leading edge of innovation in technology, project management, materials development, systems and techniques. The Ontario Formwork Association has been equally innovative in all of these areas and our member companies are generally regarded as leaders in the field – both at home and abroad.

“Few constructions associations, anywhere in the world can offer as much experience, both local and international.”


In short, we are an important voice for Formwork in Ontario. We are the communications link for our members and provide representation on important issues before all levels of government, regulatory boards, commissions and other regulatory bodies. The Association has been given responsibility for employer/employee relation including contract negotiations, general administration and interpretation of contracts and the arbitration of labour disputes. In all our work we place special emphasis on employee health an safety issues. The Formwork industry takes enormous pride in the professional and creative skills of our craftsmen and our outstanding record for quality workmanship. The Association is committed to maintaining and enhancing our reputation for quality management and the development of state-of-the-art management systems. We recognize that it is only through excellence – in management, in workmanship, in productivity and the innovative and creative development and application of technology that we can maintain and advance the leading-edge reputation and competitiveness of our membership!

In a highly competitive industry within a free-market economy, quality work and highly effective management skills are essential, not only to success, but to survival. It is the task of the Association to protect and enhance the industry’s position of leadership and reputation for excellence. For this reason we encourage, promote and are actively involved in educational and training programs to constantly upgrade and improve the skills of both management and employees to keep both totally up to date with changes and innovation in the industry. The Ontario Formwork Association has an excellent track record and we intend to maintain and build upon that record by accepting the challenges offered by international trade and the growing global market.

“We are an important voice of formwork in Ontario.”


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